Sidewalk Ends Farm Ground Breaking

Welcome to the neighborhood Laura, Fay and Tess. On my way to Front Step farm today I decided to stop in and see my new neighbors.

Fay, Tess and Laura check out our new CSA pamphlet

When I was breaking ground a year ago, I didn’t take any pictures. I know someone did at a work party, but I can’t track down those photographs. That is a source of regret for me, because it is always shocking to see early season photos in the summer, and vice versa. Moreso when the lot is full of trash and debris and invasive sumac trees





Check back. or stop by. It will be a reminder to anyone who compares these photographs with their finished design. Anything is Possible in Providence, Rhode Island.



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One Response to Sidewalk Ends Farm Ground Breaking

  1. Sarah says:

    happy stick-n-rock pickin, loveys!!

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