I have a deep urge in the pit of my stomach and in all regions of my frontal lobe that seaweed is a great thing for our depleted urban soil. It is inredibly rich in every single mironutrient a plant needs, which is pretty amazing. Tests show that applying a mulch of seaweed, or adding it to your compost or even liquifying it for foliar feed helps your grow stronger plants. My understanding is that it contains plant growth hormones which help young plants get a head start in the world, and can even help plants become more frost tolerant. I’ve mulched with seaweed a few times, and after the stuff breaks down the soil underneath is wonderfully crumbley and dark.Ah the olfactory delights of spring.

All my beds were mulched with seaweed and maple leaves for the winter, and I just sent in a soil sample to UMass to get tested. I can’t wait to see if my soil improved from last year when it was completely void of all nutrients.

If you live in RI seaweed collection is protected by law on every single beach in the state, so I really recomend getting some burlap sacks, a spade fork and a rake and collecting it. Bring a friend though, that shit is heavy. Heres some pics of Jenna, Dubin and I collecting a nice seaweed medley at our super secret harvest spot.

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3 Responses to Seaweed

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  2. Bill Dai says:

    great. I was wondering that too for my backyard. Now you proved it.

  3. kai says:

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been considering using seaweed in my garden, but wasn’t sure what the process is. Does it need to be rinsed to get rid of high salt content? Does it smell like lowtide for weeks? Thanks for any answers you might have 🙂

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