Vegetable Roommates


Hi, Neighbor!

They may look small, but our sage plants are happily growing into their new digs. Since we don’t have our own greenhouse space, the farmers at Sidewalk Ends and Front Step Farms have spent the past month sharing our bedrooms with little plants. Than has a three-shelf growlight system, while Fay and Laura each have a wood-frame growbox in their rooms. (Get in touch if you need tips for building one! They’re super easy.) While the fluorescent light took a little getting used to (yes, we turn them off when we go to sleep), it is really nice to wake up to hundreds of little green neighbors. This weekend, we seeded the first tomato plants!

There are also seeds in the ground at the Bowdoin St. garden in Olneyville. Last week we planted a whole row of carrots, from deep purple, to atomic red, to several delicious orange varieties. The work at Bowdoin requires a lot of digging up quack grass, a tenacious rhizome weed. Fay likened the activity to “wrestling a doped alligator.”








During this metaphorical reptilian encounter, we had a real one! Fay calmly unearthed a hibernating snake…

…And Laura screamed with gusto over a deceivingly snake-like root.





Anyways, we can’t wait to break ground at Sidewalk Ends this week! Hopefully the grass will prove less tenacious.


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3 Responses to Vegetable Roommates

  1. Adam says:

    So you guys found a snake after all. Kinda puts the two conscious snakes I saw in the woods to shame. Do you know what kind of snake it was?

  2. I’m guessing you are looking for the latin name.

  3. Adam says:

    Not necessarily. Common names are usually googleable. Any info or guesses would be interesting really.

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