Rain Rain

Rainy Day Activities:

Watch you tube videos. Sister Rosetta Tharpe might help:


Check  on the little veggies. A couple inches of purple Asparagus! Peas, Spinach, Arugula, Radishes are enjoying the day. Adam and I wrestled with getting enough water to prepare a mulch bed for his Garden Giant Mushrooms yesterday, and I was cursing the Meteorologists for misleading me (purposefully I’m sure) on the days Rain Showers. Then today! Didn’t it rain, rain, rain? When the sun comes out, these little veggies are going to start a whole new growth spurt.  Check out these cuties:

Suger Snap Peas

Red Russian Kale

Best Activity

The third and best option today- hang out with the Dog and listen to Podcasts.


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One Response to Rain Rain

  1. Erika says:

    Congrats! The seedlings look healthy and strong, Than. Hope to see you before we’re off the Boston in May. Wishing you perfect weather for the farm.

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