Kale and Radishes

9 Pounds of Red Russian Kale, and 7 Bunches of Easter Egg Radishes out to the restaurants today. It feels great to finally begin selling veggies, even if it is to restaurants I can’t afford to eat at.

In other events I’ve been working on my earthen oven. Last year my friend Scott and I ran two really awesome pizza restaurants at the farm, cooking the pizzas outside in my oven made from clay and sand I dun up.  It now has 3 more inches of insulation, and should hold heat even better.

Adding insulation layer!

Digging the clay

Firing the oven to help dry out the last layer. Should be dry in a few days and ready to cook!

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One Response to Kale and Radishes

  1. Adam says:

    I hope AS220 really wants a lot of kale. I haven’t weighed mine yet, but there is a lot of it.

    I didn’t have any trouble finding enough greenbriar shoots, but they sure take a long time to harvest. I need to charge maybe twice what I did this time. I’ll say I’m busting my ass in the door with this batch.

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